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In the 1880s, the British introduced beer to the Caribbean islands. Nearly 70 years later the region began to produce beer under the entrepreneurship of Sir Gerald Wight. After World War 2, Caribbean Development Company Limited (CDC) successfully made a tremendous economic impact on the local communities. Once where only sugar and oil were the main staples of the industry, now there was a new industry. CDC developed many great brands, including Carib Beer, which is world-renowned for its imagery of Caribbean’s blue waters and year-round sunshine.

In July 2016, one of the more renowned companies ANSA McAL group of companies based in Trinidad and Tobago acquired Indian River Beverage Corporation, which operates under the name Florida Beer Company. ANSA McAL is also the parent company of CDC, and there formed a marriage of local brewing in Florida with international recognition with the Carib beer brand.

In 2021, Florida Beer Company changed its name to Carib Brewery USA, reflecting the brand’s international success and reinforcing the strong brand equity. Moving forward, Carib Brewery USA embraces the local charm and feel of the Space Coast, Cape Canaveral, Florida and will continue to produce high-quality brews with the finest ingredients and craftsmanship.

Carib Brewery USA is entrenched in the involvement and betterment of the local community, and contribute in a number of ways to the arts, sports, and culture in the local community.